1 Apr

Anger – It weakens your liver, so be slow to anger, or avoid getting anger, smile more even if it seems the world is on your shoulder

Grief – It weakens your lung, so should be aware of that, try to keep yourself busy….do something don’t let your day turns into grief.

Worry – It weakens the stomach, it is pretty normal to us human to worry about things.. we can seems to avoid worrying about matters, but we may not know that worrying into thing affected out bodies as well and it weakens our stomach at the same time.

Stress – It weakens the heart and brain, lot of people stressed by their job and even with the people at their job place. So why it is important to avoid stress? just simply because we don’t want to our brain and heart to get rotten…we always to feel fresh every day. So how to avoid stress? Well talking to God can be helpful while it is necessary for us human beings to communicate with God. We should know that talking and communicating with God everyday and giving ourselves more rest will lessen our stress

Fear – It weakens the kidney


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