2 Apr

I’m sure every child heard about the story of a little mermaid, hence fairy tale stories is very popular…even before. And every little girl enjoyed listening to it (when someone is telling the story about the little mermaid.

And 95% of those little girls wished to become a mermaid in real life, swim underwater together with those lovely fishes, (that would be a dream come true! for one person who wishes to be a mermaid)

Well Linden Wolbert is an ordinary human being, she used to work as a Residence Director for Emerson College for almost 3 years. Linden Wolbert resigned in her job in 2005 to become a real mermaid. She’s an avid swimmer and she always had this magnetic energy when it comes to water, it means she loves it. And she had this fantasy of becoming a real mermaid. And that’s the reason why she resigned at her former job to experience the things that she wanted to be.

Linden Wolbert is 32 year -old woman whose still love watching mermaid movies, it only shows how much she wanted to become one of those mermaids. She love watching wild life documentaries and in addition she had also work as a consultant of underwater and photo video shoots, which means she has the potential of becoming a real mermaid.

So how this woman turns into a real mermaid? Well here’s what happened,  Linden Wolbert Paid $15,000 for her fish tale that looks so real, and now she remains professional mermaid. All children enjoy watching her while she is under water,,


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