Therapeutic Uses of Tamarind

5 Apr

Tamarind is rich in various minerals, volatile chemical compounds, vitamins and dietary fiber.

Seeds, pulp of the fruit, and flowers, bark and the leaves of tamarind are very useful do you must try to include this to your daily menu.

Therapeutic Uses of Tamarind:

1. Treat digestive problems such as : loose motions

2. Prevents constipation

3. Minimize the re-absorption of the cholesterol into the colon

4. Reduce the bad cholesterol in the body

5. Effective on regulating the high blood pressure and heart rate.

6. Rich in iron that helps in the production of red blood cells.

7. Natural treatment for bile disorders and biliousness.

8. Natural treatment of bleeding piles.

9.Cures dry eye syndrome.

10. Naturally treat medical ailments such as constipation and fever.

11. Also proven to be very effective in dealing with sun-strokes, intoxication and Datura poisoning.

12. Tamarind leaves is also used as a poultice for treating boils, swollen joints and sprains.

Tamarind is also used in various lotions and extracts that are used in treating jaundice, while the bark is used to treat open  sores, and the seeds of tamarind are used on the form of paste to draw out boils.


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