Rehtaeh Parsons

11 Apr

Rehtaeh Parsons – Canadian teen who kills herself after rape and bullying. According to her mother the teenage girl was raped by four teenage boys that left her depressed and bullied in her community as what Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported.

Rehtaeh Parsons was an organ donor and saving four lives because of it. Rehtaeg Parsons’ Father has written a letter that he posted to his personal website, which has fallen offline from the load of traffic suddenly directed to it.

The letter is a heart-breaking tribute to his daughter, where he reveals that Rehtaeh was argan donor and her death saved the lives of four people.  In his letter he said:

“I found out this afternoon my daughter saved the life of a young woman with her heart. How fitting. She also gave someone a new liver, a kidney, a new breath, and a new chance to love. She saved the lives of four people with her final gift of life. She was that wonderful,” he wrote.

After Rehtaeh Parsons died over the weekend, Canadians have taken up her cause and have started lobbying the Nova Scotia government and RCMP to bring her attackers to justice. While some had called for vigilant action. Rehtaeh’s Father also includes an entire section of his letter to the Nova Scotia justice minister, who has already promised to meet with the family.

In his letter he said ” Why this treated like a minor incident of bullying rather than a rape? isn’t the production and distribution of child porn a crime in this country? Numerous people were emailed that photo. The police have that information (or at least they told us they did). When someone claims they were raped is it normal to wait months before talking to the accused?” He closes his letter with a note that this is only statement he will be making publicly.

It has been said that one of the boys allegedly took a photo of the assault and “it quickly went vira,” the girl’s mother claims in a heart-wrenching Facebook Post, branding Rehtaeh a “Slut” and subjecting her to bullying.

“She struggled emotionally with depression and anger,” Leah Parsons writes. “Her thoughts of suicide began and fearing for her life, she placed herself in a hospital in an attempt to get help.”

Authorities Lunch an investigation in November 2011 into a report of a sexual assault and an inappropriate photo.

“That investigation was completed and in consultation with the Crown, there was insufficient evidence to proceed with charges,” Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl Scott Macrae said Tuesday, The Gazette of Montreal Reports.

On April 4, Rehtaeh tried to commit suicide by hanging herself in the bathroom, on Tuesday her family took her off life support. According to the CBC, hundreds of comments were posted on a Facebook page set up in tribute to Rehtaeh’s life demanding someone be held accountable for her death.

“Clearly the justice system failed her, society failed her, the school system failed her, the mental health system failed her,” One post said.


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