How To Make Money With Bukisa – Get Paid for your writing

3 Jun

Majority of bloggers today really wants to make money from their blog, and of course thousands and thousands of bloggers have been making thousands and even millions of money from their blog. Who doesn’t want to make money online right? who doesn’t want to be on your own comfort zone and make money at home while setting in front of your computer? Of course each one of us desired to have the freedom when it comes to work, we prefer to stay at home and work on something when we want! Though everything requires hard work, entering into the blogging world is easy, you can simply create your free hosted account at Blogger and start your own blog.

But to think that you can really make money online with your blog at any free hosted site right away, is even far from the truth! You need to build your audience first and of course, in order for you to build your audience fast! you need to write articles that is suited to their interest. When it comes to blogging world, you always have to think about the people around the world instead of yourself, you have to analyze what people’s want to hear from you, something that would truly catch their interest, a friendly content that search engines would love to!

There might be millions of blogger who have been successful from their journey while in the other hand 45% of bloggers who’d been frustrated reaching the goals they want to fulfill. And even those who applied the best blogging strategies (from these so called guru’s who’ve been selling E-books online) are just frustrated as the beginners. And to tell you the truth, I am as frustrated as other bloggers when I entered the blogging world. Though there are several ways where you can make money online aside from blogging, but if you’re really into writing and you think your articles are worth the price, then you can simply join some of these site that will pay you for your writing.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Bukisa, though Bukisa isn’t as popular or famous as any other sites that offers the same opportunity as Bukisa offered. Bukisa isn’t new at all, in fact they’ve been around the web for years and so far a lot of people have been making money online from this company. It isn’t that hard to start your journey at Bukisa, if you really want make a large amount of income with Bukisa then you should try to publish a friendly content that is visible to search engine, something that most people would love to read. Think about something that most people search online then write something about it, and publish it to Bukisa, try to publish more content as you can to increase your earnings at Bukisa.


Bukisa is a blogging community where people share their knowledge about some specific matter, its either about technologies, places, money, education, family, food, fashion and style or just anything. was developed by Webika Ltd. Webika specializes in user generated content web projects and includes the founders of the popular articles directory Bukisa allows your to connect your Bukisa Account with Google Adsense so there’s a hundred percent for you to increase your revenue, you will get paid for every views you get from your articles.

If you plan to start a blog online and you want to make money right away, then you can simply join the Bukisa community, start writing articles that you like and start making money from it. Build your audience through connecting yourself from any other Bukisa users so they’ll get notified when you publish a content, in that way you’ll be able to increase your pages views.

Bukisa is similar to Bubblews though Bubblews made it easy for every individuals who wants to make money  online, because you doesn’t need a Google Adsense Account to make money from your writings. All you need to do is to write anything that you like and increase your connection so you’d be able to increase your earnings every now and then. If you are new into blogging world, then you can simply start your own blog at Blogger and while writing blogs at your Blogger page, you can simply join some of these site (that will pay you for your writing) such as Bubblews or Bukisa, joining this site will give you total exposure on the web and would help you build your audience as well, every time you link your website/blog in every article you publish at Bukisa or Bubblews.

There are several you can make money online, you just have to be positive and optimistic, you should avoid scam too(read more)


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  2. rhoda July 16, 2013 at 8:02 am #

    Who doesn’t wish to earn money on the web right?
    But to consider as you are able to actually earn money on the web along with your website at any free located site immediately, is actually definately not the reality! You have to build your audience first and obviously, to ensure that you to build your audience quickly!

  3. 12341rin June 6, 2013 at 2:52 pm #

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