Tips On How To Double Up Your Earnings At Bubblews

11 Jun

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As of the year 2013, Bubblews had been paying thousands of members and there will be more 10’s of thousands in the future who will received payment from their writings. It would only take few seconds for you to sign up at Bubblews, after signing up you can start posting articles that you like and start making money right away!. You’ll get $1 sign up bonus, though you have to reach the minimum cash out which is $25.00 and once you reached that amount, you can request payment, it’s either via Paypal, or any other payment methods.Paypal is one of the most trusted and secure payment method online so if you don’t have an account yet, you can simply sign up for free and verify your account later on when you’re ready to withdraw your cash via Paypal.


The first thing you need to do to double up your earnings at Bubblews is to publish content more often. Try to highlight your articles with high quality content, you can write a short articles with high quality content. Writing high quality contents are the best way to double up your earnings at Bubblews. Though there are few things you need to consider when writing at Bubblews.

1. Choosing The Right Niche To Publish – You have a lot of choices to choose from, if you’re into fashion, then you can simply start writing about fashion, if you’re into sports then you can simply start writing about sports. How about fo

od? health? and online business, you can write something about your personal life experiences. But you have to remember that people are looking for some useful information online. So try to find a niche that would help those who are looking for information. You can choose the most trending topic if you want your articles to become visible in the search engines.

2. Choose The Right Headlines For Your Content – Choosing the right headlines is very important because it is what captures people’s interest. Choosing the right headlines for your article may increase your earnings. Let say you want to publish an article that is not only visible to Bubblers  but something that would appear in the search engines when people are looking for it (online). You will get people’s first impressions through your headlines, it is what makes people want to read that article, they wanna know what’s inside the article.

3. Writing The Right Content for Your Headlines – Of course, writing the right content for your headlines is very important. The content itself is what matters the most to the readers, but without your magnetic headlines of course people won’t r

ead your published content right? (so both are united with one purpose). Headlines needs to be always magnetic and interesting, but your content is what gives your headlines a life. If you write some boring content, then people would only read the headlines (maybe you would say) “duh it doesn’t matter if people won’t read my articles as long as they view my article for a second and as long as I earned money from it, or at least like or dislike it” LOL! Sometimes I have this question in my mind, if some other Bubblews members  truly read the articles they liked or disliked, or they just do it to h

elp others to earn money?

4. Building Your Audience – Building your audience is always a part of this community and is very important in all online aspects, you wouldn’t be able to make money at Bubblews  if you don’t know how to market yourself. Writing at Bubblews is like sending a friend request, there would be one person who would like to get connected with you, just simply because they want you to connect back to them (you just have to hit the connect button). In that case you will get notified everytime they published new posts and so it does to them, they’ll get notified when you published a new post.

5. Writing More

 and More Contents – Though writing at Bubblews doesn’t really require a high standard content, you still earn from views, likes, dislikes, comments, and social sharing. The company doesn’t use the CPM method or what we call “Cost per Thousand page views”. Even if your post doesn’t fit in, into the crowd, you still earn money from it. If you’ll get more dislikes then you’ll earn money from it. I love how Bubblews are helping people to make money online. They’ve made it easy for every individuals, specially for the beginners. I hope God will bless Bubblews more and more for the coming years.

I truly recommend this site to every single parents or those who wants to earn some real cash online. Specially for the beginners who wanted to make money right away. Bubb

lews is much better that any other CPC sites, or what we call “Cost Per Click”. you know why? because most of CPC sites would only offer you $0.001 per click plus you have to wait for advertisements, sometimes you only get limited advertisements to click. While Bubblews will give you unlimited chances of daily income or earnings.

So if you’re looking for some legit site to make money online, chose Bubblews and start bubbling now as you watch your bank account grow, don’t be too lazy to write. Write more often, write more high quality content to increase your earning. Write a joke, quotes, short story, or anything that you like, and make money out of the blue:))


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