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How To Generate 1,000,000 Traffic Per Day

12 May

Each blogger and webmaster, wishes to generate or gain at least a thousand of traffic per day. But majority of them wishes to generate 1 million website traffic hits per day. The question is, is it even possible? well, honestly YES!! But it would take time for someone to generate¬†1 Million Traffic Hits Per Day¬†as what i have mentioned to my recent post. It would take time for a webmaster or a blogger to bring millions of people to their website/blogs and keep them coming all over and over again. Not unless you’re website is as friendly as Facebook, YouTube or any other social media sites, then you would be able to drive 1 million traffic per day or even more than that and keep people from coming. Continue reading


How To Make $50,000 Online Without Spending a Dime

11 May

There’s no other way that you can MAKE MONEY ONLINE (Without Spending a Dime) aside from blogging. Internet today had become the most popular source of income for everyone, a lot of people use the Internet to make money online. And for the beginners or to those who haven’t tried it yet, they might think that making money online is a big joke. But as you can see in today’s world, it has been proven and tested already that anyone can make money online, if only a person is determined to make money online. Although not everyone is blessed such skills of writing. Blogging needs a lot of concentration and searching. Before you can start blogging, you need to do some research first on what kind of strategies you’re going to apply (only if you’re a beginner) Continue reading

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