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How To Make $10,000 a Month With CAP REWARDS

29 Apr

I’ve already published an article about this issue, you might want to read it first, so you would be able to understand everything about CAP REWARDS. Read it here Make Money Online by Posting Ads – Earn Over $10,000 US Dollars a Month

There are 6 Ways to Earn or Make Money With CAP REWARDS


Making money with  CAP REWARDS is very easy, you do not need to spend lots of hours just to make money online. All you have to do is to spend 5 minutes a day posting ads on websites they provide you. After signing up and activating your account, you can log in anytime you want and start making money. Once you’re on your CAP REWARDS dashboard, you’ll have to pick one ad or multiple ads depend on how many ads you want advertise per day. After choosing ads, you can paste them at any specified websites.


Making money with CAP REWARDS is for everyone, for as long as you have Internet browsing knowledge, you’re in! You don’t really need to be a PRO to post this ads, CAP REWARDS made it easy for you to post ads, they’ll give you an instruction on how and where to post ads, and all you have to do is follow. They’ll give you all the resources you needed, follow the step by step program and see your bank account grow!


CAP REWARDS will pay you when you post ads and people click on it, which means the more ads you post, the more money you will earn. The more people click on the ads you’ve posted, the more your bank account grow. Actually you can copy the link of every ads you’ve posted and paste it to your Facebook wall or if you have any other social networking accounts, you can post those ads.


Because all of your friends will see it, and who knows they might click on it? and just try to imagine you will earn money for every clicks they do? You might ask what kind of ads you’ll be posting, well all of these ads CAP REWARDS wanted you to post, are PAID dating websites that will pay you for clicks.  They’re advertising their websites at CAP REWARDS and let CAP REWARDS do their jobs, while CAP REWARDS is hiring tons of individuals to make it happen.


CAP REWARDS will pay you for every lead, meaning every sign up you get from your ads and/ or unique links. Every posted ads is recorded in the system and when someone clicks an sign up on CAP REWARDS, you make money. The easiest way to make that thing possible is to copy the links and paste it on your Facebook wall or any other social media’s account.

Leads at CAP REWARDS sites are the referred as FREE SIGN UP . Every time someone signs up using your links and confirms their email (double-opt-in), you will earn commission for it. Sign up takes less than 30 seconds, so members are inclined to sign up right away.


CAP REWARDS pays you for every approved profile. You’ll make money very time someone sign up under your link and complete their profile.

Ultra Leads are leads for members who’ve signed up on CLEVERDATE.COM , completed their profile and uploaded at least one photo of themselves. This is then manually verified by CAP REWARDS staff within 24 hours to ensure it meets their terms of service requirements. Over 96.46 percent of members who sign up completes their profile and over 79.13 percent uploaded at least one picture within the first week…..

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Make Money Online- How Would You Like to Stay at Home Sitting in front of your Computer While Talking to your friends and still Making Money?

18 Apr


How many people suffered from stress and depression today, because of some financial problems?

How many of them wished to make more money, more than just what their salary offered, so they could have enough for everything! Well, for sure 10 percent of employees aren’t really happy with their jobs, 10 percent hate their bosses, 15 percent aren’t really happy with their salary, and another 10 percent or more who’d already want to quit from their job yet they ain’t have CHOICE but to STICK with it!

In every company, there’s always few nor multiple employees who wants freedom, and calls it a “QUIT”. But the question is why they can’t seemed to let go of their jobs? The answer is that, they can’t quit from their job because they were thinking that there’s a lot of people in the whole universe who wishes to get a job just like what they had. Yet jobless people who wished to be on their position.

It is true that no matter what your job is, or whatever your job is all about, as long as it is a legal job, you’re still lucky to be blessed with such job you had right now. Just try to imagine a  lot of people who are jobless today due to global crisis, a lot of people who do crimes and steal something from others, just to survive in life. Although they don’t like what they’re really doing, but they ain’t have choice, they might want to get a job and worked for it, so they could have enough to survive in life, the only problem is that, the educational background that they attained doesn’t qualify for the job they want for.

Technological innovation these days had become more intense! You can see how it affects and changes  our lives so fast. There might be some individual who didn’t realized the importance of each technology into our lives, cellphones! computers and other stuff, YOU CAN SEE THEM EVERYWHERE!

So how does technologies changes your life? Where did you use this for? What do you think is the best use of these technologies into your life? Do you think that any of these techno can solve any of your financial issues?

We all know that a lot of people on the internet had been making huge amount of money through blogging. And yet we can say that BLOGGING is on TOP when talking about making money online! Some other people didn’t realized that technology can even change their lives into something that they don’t expect for. Though aside from blogging there are other ways on how you can make money online. And if you’re an avid fan of Facebook, then this could be the right thing for you!

So How would you like to stay at home, sitting in front of your computer while talking to your friends on Facebook and still making money online without spending cents and investing a dime? Well  LIKETOCASH.COM  offers an opportunity for every individual who are looking for an extra income. Liketocash is way different from blogging because you don’t need to write something, or think for something you can write into your blog.

Liketocash is an Advertising company that allows Facebook users to make money online from their program. Advertiser who are just starting from their business pays every individuals who liked their page. So why these advertisers are doing this? It is because advertising in Liketocash.com is much cheaper than advertising your business directly to Facebook. And the main purpose of these advertisers advertised their newly start business via Liketocash.com is of course to get more likes and to showcase their businesses to every individuals who like their business page and might possibly share it to others.

And What These Businesses All About?

All of these advertisers are advertising tons of businesses about how to Make Money Online or Ways On How Make Money Online. These Advertisers are also selling an E-book to each individuals who might make money online.

In order for you to start this program, Facebook account is a must, because there is no other way that you can do this kind of job without a Facebook account because this is how this company works out, I mean they’re showcasing their businesses via Facebook because they know that Facebook is on TOP among any other social networking sites and they knew that millions of people were using Facebook every second and that Facebook is the most visited site around the Globe.


How Much Money Will You Earn From It?

 Your earnings depend on how much you spend for liking page on Facebook, the more pages you like? the more money you’ll earn. All you have to do is to sign up at Liketocash with your Facebook account, then you can start liking page, and just like SiteTalk, you can also invite your friends under your name, to earn more money from Liketocash. And ask your friends to do the same strategy, in that way all of you’ll earn more cash and so does your friends.

Liketocash pays cash outs via Paypal, to those who doesn’t have Paypal account, you can sign up for free.

The Million Dollar Quest

12 Apr




A lot of people today had been looking for a home job opportunities and most of them are single moms, single dads, and especially those who are jobless. Making money online had become popular, and a lot of people making money on the internet.

A lot of individuals…. made tons of bucks using the internet. Why it is more easy to make money on the internet? First, you don’t really have to go out from your comfort zone, all you have to do is to stay at home, and make your home, your own office. It is more comfortable to work at home and be your own boss. You don’t have to wait for someone to tell you what to do or to follow someone command.

You have the freedom to do what you want, you’re the one who’s in control of everything, you can work for how many hours, depend on what you prefer for, and you can earn money as much as , on how many hours you’re willing to invest in front of the internet.

Well work at home job doesn’t requires anything except your internet connection, It is very important as well to have a potential knowledge when it comes to computer. You have to be determined of what you are doing, you have to make sure that this is really what you want. And that, you really want to make thousands of dollar on the internet.

So how does it work? Well some other individuals having hard time making money online, they find it hard to even earn a few bucks, they easily get discourage most of the time, and stopped when they find it boring and not working for them at all.

If you would ask me if i would like to earn thousands of bucks (online) then the answer is, I am very interested with the offer. But i don’t wanna stress myself you know, I want to find out how to make this easy. And would really love to make money online so bad!!

I’ve heard that there’s few individuals who took this challenge ” THE MILLION DOLLAR QUEST”

Though they had earn money from their quest but not a million dollars though, and aside from that, they’ve gained so much failure as well.

Okay let’s start this quest

I will mark this day APRIL 12 2013 as the starting date of my quest, i need to find the answers for my questions.

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