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How To Generate 1,000,000 Traffic Per Day

12 May

Each blogger and webmaster, wishes to generate or gain at least a thousand of traffic per day. But majority of them wishes to generate 1 million website traffic hits per day. The question is, is it even possible? well, honestly YES!! But it would take time for someone to generate 1 Million Traffic Hits Per Day as what i have mentioned to my recent post. It would take time for a webmaster or a blogger to bring millions of people to their website/blogs and keep them coming all over and over again. Not unless you’re website is as friendly as Facebook, YouTube or any other social media sites, then you would be able to drive 1 million traffic per day or even more than that and keep people from coming. Continue reading


How To Drive 1 Million Traffic Hits Directly To Your Website in Just One Day

11 May

As a Webmaster you might been thinking nor wondering on how you can generate 1,000,000 traffic hits to your website/blog per day. Well,there’s a lot of  traffic seller that sell website traffic for a cost, and they sounds like truly promising and real.  Though most of them doesn’t offer a million traffic hits per day, but they’ll give you at least 10’s of thousands website traffic or even more than that (If you’re willing to pay the price or the cost of their so called “product”). Each individual marketer has each own way of making money online, through product selling.

And it must be hard for a beginner to convince someone to buy their product such as website traffic, especially when the one whose selling the website traffic ain’t gaining the minimum amount of website traffic to his own website at all. Of course people would ask “How can someone sell a website traffic, when they aren’t even have enough traffic to their website”? So before selling a website traffic, make sure that you have enough traffic to your website as well, so you’ll appear convincing to your costumers.

Now, Is it really possible to generate 1 million traffic hits a day? the answer is YES!! but driving 1 million traffic hits per day, depend on the age of your website, and it could be depend on your website content and your magnetic headlines as well! I’m sure you’ve heard so many times, on how these social medias drive thousands and even million of traffic directly to your website..

There are hundreds of social plug-ins that you can use to generate your website traffic, there’s 339 sharing buttons that you can use to generate massive traffic to your website, you can get the sharing button here –>> http://www.addthis.com/


We’ll if you’re an avid fan of these social medias, then you can simply generate thousands of so called magnetic traffic hits directly to your website through sharing your articles or new post content to these multiple medias everyday. But if you’re not really into it, then you can at least try to hire someone to do that for you>>continue reading<<

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