Legitimate Ways To Earn A MILLION DOLLARS (Online)

10 Jul

money-rollsBlogging is the most popular way to make money online, and still the number one source of income for some expert bloggers, writers and freelancer who knows how to handle and manage their passion and become a successful blogger in the long run.

You can see millions of individuals around the globe, who are wanting to become a successful blogger in the near future, 100% of these folks have started their journey, yet 45% had given up already due to frustration, and there are 30% more who are planning to give up and just live in the reality world. Blogging is not easy as it seems, it’s a big lie if someone would tell you that you can be a millionaire in a short period of time through blogging. Blogging is designed for those individuals who would want to share their knowledge and expertise.


1. VIDEO BLOGGING – If you’re into video blogging then you can start publishing videos on YouTube monetize it and make money from your videos, there are several categories you can choose from, when making a video blog

  • Humor (Funny Videos) – If you know how to make funny videos of yourself, or you have captured a funny moment somewhere down the road, using your phone or video camera, then you can upload it on YouTube, just make sure that you’re not insulting others by uploading such funny videos. Now your next step is to share it on your Facebook wall or any other social media account and let your friends share it. Your friends would actually share your newly uploaded YouTube video (videos) when they find it funny and interesting. After uploading your very first YouTube video, make sure to enable the monetize section on your YouTube account settings, so you’d be able to make money from your videos while publishing more of it.
  • Tutorial Videos – There are few tutorial videos you can choose from, under this category, it’s either educational one or non-educational video. Let’s say, you’re into fashion and you’re keen of getting up for new fashion trends, then you can make a simple tutorial video about it, showing people on how to dress up like a superstar or like a holy star without spending too much money. You can also make a makeup tutorial video, if you have passion about it, there are thousands of make-up tutorial videos uploaded on YouTube everyday and you can upload yours to (always remember) YouTube users (people around the world) are always looking for a new trend or something new they can try for themselves. Don’t forget to add a description of your video before publishing it, and make sure to include your website link or blog link (if you have one). Including your website/blog links on your YouTube video description and on your YouTube Channel Page, is good for traffic generation, (if you want to generate more traffic for your website.
  • Cooking Videos – If you think you’re a good cook and you’d like to share some of your menus and expertise, then you can make a cooking tutorial video, you can show the world how to cook this and that. If you’re already running a blog about cooking and your menus, and you haven’t made a video on how you do it, then it’s time for you to make 2 and even hundreds of videos, attached those videos to your cooking tutorial articles. Remember that showing pictures to people isn’t enough, but making videos about how you do it is much better and would even double up your earnings online. You’d be able to earn money from your YouTube Channel plus the money that you earned from your articles
  • Cos play Video Tutorials – If you’re a student and you’re into cos play (or even if you’re not a student) and you’re into it, then you can start your cos play tutorial videos,  Educate people and help them look like a real cartoon and dolls, in this video category, you’d be able to help other students or individual on how cos play works and how they can get the look.
  • Making Parody Videos – Parody means imitating the original videos owned by other people or artist. Giving it a new twist and fun that would make people laugh. Just like for an example, you like one of those Hollywood singer and if you think you can make a parody video by imitating the original one to make people laugh, then you can start doing it now and start making money from it. You can see a lot of parody videos scattered around the YouTube community and as you notice those videos have gotten viral and have gained millions of viewers. The more viewers the more money you will earn, people want to laugh, if they find your video funny then they’d probably share it to the crowd.
  • Language Tutorials – If you’re a bilingual speaker and you know how to speak and translate words into different language, then you’re on the right spot of making language educational tutorial videos teaching people around the world by uploading it on YouTube and start making money from it.
  • Interesting and Fun Tutorials – like how to make your boobs looks bigger, well I have seen a video on YouTube that is filed under this category and so far the video gained millions of viewers. So it means the owner of the said video are making money from it.
  • Photoshop Tutorial Videos – People are curious on how photoshop works and how they can do it by themselves, there are thousand of people around the world browsing YouTube video to see if they can find what they are looking for. So now is the right time for you to publish your very own video and turn it into cash!
There are tons of video categories you can choose from, aside from the category listed above, now the decision is yours if you wanted to start video blogging.
2. WRITING ARTICLES – when you publish 2 or more articles online, then it means you’re blogging. You’re sharing your knowledge and expertise to the world wide web. Writing articles is one of the most common type of blogging. Millions of people are making money from their writings. There are several websites you can join for, if you want to make money blogging without owning a website. There are thousands of niche you can choose from and for you to be able to make money blogging (from your writings) you have to choose the right niche that has a low competition. But if you think you can beat other competitors that is competing for the most viral niche, and you think you can beat them down and can put yourself at the first page of any search engine then go for it.
  • Money
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Crimes
  • Trending News
  • Investments
  • Trading
  • History
  • Relationship
  • Christianity
  • Blogging
  • Arts and Science
  • Technology and so much more.
Now you have to choose the right category for your blog, or if you think you can write something about all the categories listed above, then including them all to your blog topics would be much better. It would help you generate more traffic to your website.
Most blogger only chose one niche for their blog to stay focused on their writing, choosing one niche is enough for you to make money online if you’re widely knowledgeable with the niche you have chosen. And maybe for the students who are planning  to start a blog in the near future, much better to start blogging right now, and see the result after a year.
3. PHOTO BLOGGING – Photo blogging is another type of blogging, it’s all about sharing photos online, so if you’re into photography you can simply start a blog and share your photos online. Writing a short description or explaining what was the photo is all about would be more effective. And you can also write quotes on it and share it with people, people loved quotes, it inspires them when they read it, they wanted to get inspired everyday, so writing inspirational quotes to your captured photos before sharing them online, would be interesting.
Yes, but you will never earn that million dollars in a short period of time if you’re not doing any monkey business online. Blogging had been making millionaires for years now, becoming a millionaire through blogging would take time, other successful bloggers took 10 years of blogging or more before they became a millionaire, and I’m sure that blogging alone isn’t just the only business they had out of those 10 years, maybe they’re selling products too or promoting affiliate programs. It is possible for an individual to make at least $1,000 to $10,000 dollars a month by monetizing  their blog with Adsense or any other advertising network companies. But for you to reach that $10,000 dollars a month (goal) you must have at least 3 to 6 websites running and has a good traffic generation in order for you to make that amount with any advertising network such as Adsense and others.
For beginners, who can’t seem to afford to buy a domain name or who doesn’t have an idea how it works, then it is better for you to start blogging at blogger (googlebites.blogspot.com) where Google allows you to monetize your blog using free hosted account. You can also use weebly.com as your free hosted account, because Weebly allows you to monetize your blog with Google Adsense, you will receive the 50 percent ad sharing revenue while the other 50 percent goes to Weebly management. It is also good for newbies to join ad sharing revenue sites such as Hubpages, Bubblews, Squidoo, Triond, Allvoices, Hellium and many more, if they want to make an extra income from their articles.
1. STARTING YOUR OWN DATING WEBSITE – There are thousands of dating sites around the web, but only few of them had been very successful, those that are making a million dollars (or even more) per month. And yet Plenty of Fish is still on top. Markus Frind (founder of POF) the vancouverite behind Plenty of Fish and he was lucky enough to have his dating site very successful among any other dating sites that has been around for years now. He created POF few years ago and right now POF has over 55 million active members with 50,000 signs up per day. Seconded to Match.com and eHarmony. Creating your own dating website is easy, as long as you know how to manage it, I think an international dating website will give you millions of sign up. Letting all the people around the world to use your dating service to find their true love or other half (online).
     Some other dating sites I know are only collecting payments from men while they don’t collect payments from women using their dating service. Why? Because most of women don’t join a dating website, if they had to pay for the membership, while men are always willing to pay the membership fees just only to find their one true love or just to find someone to have some fun. It seems that there’s more lonely people around the world who are looking for a lifetime partner than people who are looking for an opportunity to make money online (don’t you think?). Some other dating websites are free to join, and they may not be earning or making a million dollars from their website but yet they make money by placing ads (from Adsense) to their website.
      Choosing the right name for your dating website is important, it needs to be interesting when people hear about it. Also putting a testimonials section is important, people would think that the website has a good dating service once they read plenty of testimonies from members who have found true love from that dating site. They’ll get inspired to join and will invite their friends as well to join the site. Everyone dreams to be happy in life to build their own family someday, they just wanted to have a successful relationship. And as a dating website owner, you must be able to have an advice section for those individuals who are looking for a relationship advice. A chat room and a live video chat is very important as well, people wanted to see who they are talking with, and they wanted to know if they are talking to a real person.
2. STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS (ONLINE) – There are few online business you can choose from, if you really want to make a million dollars. You can start your own writing community or revenue sharing sites, like Squidoo, Hubpages, Triond, Bubblews and any other popular ad sharing revenue sites. Make sure that you have a good customer service so people won’t complain when they have to wait for 2 months to receive their earnings just like what had happened to Bubblews. But actually right now bubblews is working on that and is trying to improve their customer service.
3. STARTING YOUR OWN FOREX OR BINARY OPTIONS TRADING BUSINESS –  I am not sure how much money does a binary options trading business owner or forex trading business companies make. But for sure they are making tens of thousands or even millions of bucks from their trading business (don’t you think?). Investing at any binary options trading can be risky and sometimes other binary options trading turns into a scam. But still there are few trusted Binary Options Trading Companies that are legit. The only problem is that, people would complain (that the site is a scam) when they started losing big bucks without even realizing that any online trading such as Binary options and forex are considered as gambling. Though binary options trading id another way of making money online fast or what we call making thousands of bucks every 30 to 60 seconds.
4. STARTING YOUR OWN ONLINE JOB MARKETPLACE – One of the world’s largest job marketplace (online) are odesk.com and freelancer.com. These two companies had been helping millions of people around to world, both job seekers (publishers) and advertisers, to find what they are looking for, and so far most of them are happy and satisfied with the service. It enables individuals to find the right job for them and to be able to do it without leaving their comfort zone. The online job marketplace is a good business, because there millions of people who are looking for an online job opportunities every day. So if you’re planning to start your own business online then the online job marketplace is a great choice too.
  • And so much more….

There are several ways you can earn a million dollars online, but it needs the right technique and strategies to make it happen.


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  1. munna November 16, 2013 at 9:20 am #

    this my first blog my blog is foods blog my foods are very testy

  2. Nicholasham July 22, 2013 at 8:15 pm #

    Nice article, I have not tried using youtube to make money yet. After reading this it makes me want to give it a shot. thanks for all the useful info!!

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